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Dua Lipa Makes an Electric Return to the Bay Area

On February 13th Dua Lipa performed at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco, California on the closing leg of her 2017-18 self-titled tour. On Tuesday night she lit up the stage in front of nearly 3500 eager fans. People of all ages from all across the state came into the city for her only Northern California show.

A recent rise to the top of the pop charts, she writes relatable love and breakup songs with memorable music that makes you want to dance.

The night of the San Francisco show she made history at twenty-two years old by becoming the youngest female artist to hit one billion views on a music video. Her song and video New Rules took the pop world by storm, creating huge buzz around her newly released first album. Every song on her album follows similarly to New Rules with catchy lyrics and enjoyable rhythms.

The three hour drive up the coast, battling the over-crowded Bay Area traffic, 45 minutes of walking, and running down the block to catch the Muni bus was well worth it for the two hours that Dua Lipa put on a high energy show. I was in awe of her performance, her dedication to her fans, and her incredible vocal range. She’s an artist that sounds even better in a live performance than she does on the studio version.

Opening with “Hotter Than Hell”, she set the tone of the concert with an upbeat dance track. Dua Lipa brought the show all together with an aesthetically engaging on screen and lighting visuals. She ended the show with her historic single, New Rules, leaving the stage with even more With every new song blasting through the speakers, the crowd enthusiastically sang back every word.

The intensity from the crowd moved Dua Lipa to tears, thanking us endlessly for our support. The huge amount of love she gave from the stage made the show a welcoming environment and an escape from anything going on in our lives. There were fathers and daughters, mothers and children, best friends, and couples all coming together to enjoy one night of fun.

If you enjoy empowering female love anthems, Dua Lipa might be your next favorite artist.